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Matthews Roofing Cumbria provide a comprehensive flat roofing service in North Cumbria and South West Scotland areas. Our flat roofing services include repairs to existing felt flat roofs and the fitting of replacement GRP flat roofs and felt flat roofs.Our flat roof replacement service includes the removal of the existing roof, full installation of the new roof, replacing old timbers when necessary and removing all waste materials. All our flat roof replacement and repair work is carried out by our highly skilled team of experienced tradesmen. You can be assured that the work will be of the highest standard and to your complete satisfaction. We are so confident in the standard of our work that we do not ask for any up front payments and only request full payment when the work is completed to your satisfaction.We are happy to come and quote for flat roof replacement and flat roof repair, there is absolutely no obligation. Call us now on the numbers below or complete the quote request form on our home and contact pages.

The 2 types of flat roofing we do:


GRP Flat roofing is becoming an increasingly popular roofing material due to its strong, durable, long lasting properties. Matthews Roofing Cumbria provide a comprehensive GRP roofing service, specialising in the supply and installation of this high quality roofing solution. We fit new and replacement roofs and also carry out repairs to existing roofs in the unlikely event that they become damaged.The following information should answer most of your questions about GRP flat roofing systems.
GRP (glass reinforced plastic) is the technical name for what most people call (fibreglass). GRP was first developed in 1938 mainly for use as a form of insulation, GRP is extremely tough and durable making it today’s first choice material for many different applications across a wide range of industries. GRP is sometimes referred to as FRP (fibre reinforced polymer) GRP is completely waterproof, extremely strong and versatile which makes it the ideal material for uses like flat roofing systems. GRP can be finished in a number of different ways depending on the application’s requirements, it can also be finished in a variety of different colours. It is for all these reasons that GRP is now replacing older traditional roofing systems.
If you have any concerns about how long your GRP flat roof will last, then you need not worry.There are still many of the first GRP applications from the 1940’s still in use today. GRP has been subjected to many tough tests over the years and the findings indicate that GRP should have a life expectancy of around 50 years. The tests revealed no deterioration in the material or performance of the application throughout the period of the tests. One excellent example of the longevity of GRP is it’s use in boats, even when used under water it can last a lifetime.When you make a comparison with traditional flat roof materials GRP has a number of advantages. GRP flat roofs are low risk to install because it is cold application as opposed to the high risk hot application process of traditional flat roofs. GRP flat roofs are totally waterproof and extremely durable. The entire GRP flat roof area is encapsulated into one continuous GRP membrane being devoid of joints and seams. GRP is also absolutely UV resistant. The main factor that makes GRP the first choice for flat roofs is that when correctly installed by skilled tradesmen it should be free from leaks for life.GRP is able to withstand extremes of temperature and weather conditions, performing extremely well in all weather conditions including the strongest of winds due to it being bonded to the base boards. GRP flat roofs will remain intact and waterproof no matter what mother nature throws at them.GRP flat roofs are extremely durable and completely waterproof, plus they can be finished in any wide range of colours and include options such as nonslip finishes. The entire area on a GRP roof is encapsulated into one single continuous GRP membrane and there are no seams joints or welds. It is also completely UV resistant.

An example of our GRP Flat roofing:


Do you have a leaking felt flat roof which is in need of repair ?
Do you need a replacement felt flat roof ?
Matthews Roofing Cumbria can repair your leaking felt flat roof or replace the full roof depending on your requirements. We also carry out re-boarding should your roof require it.
We start by using a 4.5 mm black  torch on underlay felt then we apply the  5.5mm green mineral torch on felt finish.
Both materials being the best available quality which are sure the give a quality finish with maximum durability. We then apply drip formas which direct water off the roof and into the gutters giving the side of the roof better appearance . Our team operate throughout Cumbria and South West Scotland providing our customers with superior installations and highly effective, affordable repairs of felt flat roofs, always working to the highest standards.
Whatever your individual specifications, you can be sure Matthews Roofing Cumbria will have the ideal felt flat roof solution for you. Our wealth of experience guarantees a result you will be more than happy with. For more information or to request a free no obligation quote, contact the professionals at Matthews Roofing Cumbria.
Matthews Roofing Cumbria's replacement felt flat roofs come with a 15 year guarantee.

An example of our FELT Flat roofing:

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